Curbside Pick-up Directions

These directions are for pre-ordered Thanksgiving feasts. Payment on all pre-orders will be processed the day before you are scheduled to pick-up your order. Because of the high volume of orders, your cooperation for curbside pick-up is greatly appreciated!

  1. As you turn right behind the Market, you will see numbered parking spots (1-15). Please pull into one of the numbered spots.

  2. Once you have pulled in, a Celebration Partner will meet you at your car to retrieve your order information. If you haven’t been greeted within 5-10 minutes, please come to the table under the tent.

  3. After receiving your order information, they will retrieve your order off the refrigerated truck. We will double check that all items are correct in the order.

  4. Please allow 10-15 minutes for your order to be placed in your car.

  5. Enjoy your holiday order!

Forget an item? Please let a Celebration Partner know! We can grab the item for you inside the Market. All we need is a payment method, preferably credit card.

For any questions, please call our Market at (214) 352 – 0031

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Celebration Family